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Scroll to the bottom of this page for information from NJEA about the change in mSGP weight for summative evaluations.

January Paychecks

Your paycheck is probably going to be less in 2017. Insurance premium increases are expected to increase the deduction for your health benefits. This premium adjustment is annual–it happens every January for those districts in the school employees health benefits program (SEHBP) as we are.  Paying for health benefits is a result of the New Jersey law passed in 2011 known as Chapter 78.  The payment is different for every member, depending on your salary and the type of benefits you receive.

2017 Rates

2016 Rates

Important Information:

  • When called into a meeting, know your Weingarten Rights: If this meeting could in any way lead to a change in the terms and conditions of my personal working conditions or my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my Association representative be present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.
  • What to do if you are accused of child abuse:
  2. For assistance, call your local association: 973-777-1970
  3. Put nothing in writing.
  4. Never sign what someone else writes up about the incident.
  5. Do not get with Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit without an attorney. Do not discuss the matter with anyone except an attorney.

Are you new to the district? Please click on the “New Members” tab above to get access to important information.

Become a NJEA Pension Activist today!

The next Representative Council meeting for the 2016-2017 school year will be Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at LMS beginning at 6:30 pm sharp.  There will be a workshop for A/Rs (“reps”) and members before the meeting on the Revising the SGO.

Watch your email for more details and the opportunity to RSVP for this training workshop.

Information on Compound Medications for employees in SEHBP Prescription. We have a different prescription plan–stay tuned for an update on possible changes.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

PPS Teacher Evaluation Overview 2016-2017

Do you want to buy a home in Passaic?  Check out the Teacher Next Door Program.

Attention Coaches:  The Thomas R. Brown Athletic Grant from California Casualty is available for school sports programs.

Get a quote for a car insurance policy from California Casualty.  EAP members have saved money on their insurance premiums using this company.  Contact for more information.

If you are considering retirement, you are entitled to a consultation with NJEA.  For more information, call the NJEA UNISERV office (Region 27) at 973-694-0154.

Mentoring Information:  New teachers please note:  you are responsible for the fee $550 if you hold provisional certification; $1000 if you are pursuing alternate route certification.  For more information read this bulletin from the NJDOE about your obligations as a new teacher.  Also, check out this information from NJEA.

USE DISCRETION IN POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA and in all your electronic communications.  Ask your Senior Rep for a copy of the Passaic BOE policy.

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