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September 9, 2017

NJEA Delegate Assembly Meeting

From The NJEA Delegate Assembly (DA) formulates Association policies.The DA includes 127 representatives proportionately elected from the counties for two-year terms. Each county is represented by its affiliated county association president plus one delegate for each 1 percent of the state total of active members of the Association. In addition, one delegate each represents retired, student, and administrative members who do not otherwise have the representation through normal channels.

Click here to see the delegates that represent Passaic County.

July 1, 2017

NEA Representative Assembly

Adapted from NEA’s Annual Meeting takes place during the final week of June and/or the first week of July. Various committees, constituencies, caucuses, leadership groups, and delegates from state and local affiliates gather to set policy and chart the direction of NEA business. The 2017 Annual Meeting will take place in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Representative Assembly (RA) takes place during the final four days of the Annual Meeting. It is the primary legislative and policymaking body of the Association and derives its powers from, and is responsible to, the membership. The Representative Assembly adopts the strategic plan and budget, resolutions, the Legislative Program, and other policies of the Association. Delegates vote by secret ballot on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws. Those delegates with full voting rights elect the executive officers, Executive Committee members, and at-large members of the NEA Board of Directors, as appropriate.

The RA consists of some 8,000 delegates representing state and local affiliates, student members, retired members, and other segments of the united education profession. Further information on the RA is contained in Article III of the Constitution (PDF Icon PDF, 101 KB, 31 pgs.) and in Bylaw 3 (PDF Icon PDF, 207 KB, 31 pgs.). The RA is the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world and adheres to Roberts Rules of Order.

June 15, 2017

EAP End of the Year Dinner

Honoring BOE and EAP Retirees, and members with 25 years of service.  If you wish to be honored for 25 years of service and/or for retirement please submit your name to the EAP office ASAP.  Please note that 25 years of service is exclusive of any leaves.

June 9, 2017
Comments Off on Instructional Council Meeting

Instructional Council Meeting

Five EAP members and five administrators meet to discuss issues relating to instruction.  Recommendations are issued by the Instructional Council to the Board of Education for their consideration.  In addition, the council oversees Grants that are awarded annually to EAP members for materials to support innovative instructional projects.

June 8, 2017

PCEA Representative Council

Association Representatives who are members of the County Committee attend this meeting to conduct the business of the Passaic County Education Associations, Inc.  For more information, contact the Senior Representative in your building.